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Flexible sorting solutions, no worries about space limitation
T-sort sorting solutions

Solution Analysis

According to the parcel sorting and order picking requirements, the system can increase or decrease the number of robots and chutes as needed. With more flexible and flexible expandability, there are no concerns about site constraints, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Solution Strengths

Modular Design with More Flexible

·The system adopts a modular design with flexible expandability, which can be deployed in a quick and installment-like manner.

·The system is highly flexible, allowing the removal and fitting of components. Robots can be assembled, and increased or decreased, in accordance with demands.

High Stability and Accuracy ≥ 99.99%

·A single robot failure will not affect the overall system operations, with high stability and fault tolerance capabilities.

·If the input information is correct, the sorting accuracy of the system can reach up to 99.99%, with a margin of error that is close to zero.

Flexible Dispatch, Intelligent & Efficient

·Robots are dispatched by the system. Auto code scanning, intelligent identification, express transport, and accurate delivery.

·The system sorts for multiple destinations simultaneously, and the electroplating robot runs on an optimal path to improve sorting efficiency.

Strong Adaptability, Convenient Deployment

·Strongly systematic adaptability. Suitable for the sorting demands of multiple industries and multiple scenarios.

·Low space requirements. It can be deployed on the ground, desktop, midair and other different layers.

·Convenient deployment. When the site, hardware, and other conditions are relatively perfect, the deployment can take as little as 2-3 weeks.

Visual Management, More Intuitive

·The system monitors robot dynamics in real time, allowing staff to check the situation of operations at any time.

·Highly intelligent operation and maintenance. The system display screen displays various information about the status of robots intuitively.

Flexible Investment, Short Return Period

·Capital is highly flexible with low-cost investment and start-up. Investment can be gradually increased according to the growth and change of quantity.

·The project cycle is short, the return on investment is fast and high, with a return period shorter than 3 years in general.