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Established in 2023, South Africa's Black Rhino is at the forefront of technological innovation. The company's core team has previously worked with top international brands such as Sato, Brother, and Toshiba, bringing with them twenty years of industry experience in barcode automatic identification. Black Rhino is committed to introducing advanced robots and barcode identification technology and products from China and around the world to South Africa, serving local enterprises by providing solutions for logistics, retail, manufacturing, and medical industries. This simplifies business processes, reduces operating costs, enhances operational efficiency, and supports further development of enterprises.


We have established strategic cooperation with numerous excellent companies, jointly offering a wide range of products for our customers. Among these are advanced logistics sorting robots, barcode printers, RFID barcode printers and read/write devices, barcode scanning equipment, as well as essential consumable products, labels, and carbon ribbons. All these products have withstood the test of the market for over a decade to ensure their high-quality continuous operation, meeting the diverse and stable needs of modern enterprises.


At Black Rhino, we understand the crucial role of effective logistics and seamless operations in the success of today's fast-paced enterprises. Our logistics sorting robots have thoroughly revolutionized warehouse management, ensuring rapid, accurate, and automated handling of goods. This not only reduces sorting labor and lowers labor costs but also minimizes errors with the aid of automation technology, significantly accelerating the sorting process, ensuring enterprises can deliver more quickly and efficiently to their customers.


In addition to our cutting-edge robots, we also provide high-quality printers and barcode scanning equipment, essential tools necessary for efficient product production, circulation, inventory management, and product tracking in various industries such as logistics, retail, and manufacturing. Our high-quality barcode-related equipment, carbon tapes, and labels, known for their durability and reliability, provide enterprises the reliable solutions they need in a competitive market.


Choose Black Rhino, and you will gain advanced technology and reliable solutions, enhance informatization construction, making your enterprise more efficient, more trustworthy, and more likely to achieve sustained success.


At Black Rhino, explore the future of technology - where innovation meets efficiency.

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  • Our Vision
    Our Vision
    Black Rhino aspires to be the go-to choice for businesses seeking unparalleled warehousing and logistics hardware solutions in Africa and beyond. We aim to leverage technology to drive growth and innovation within the industry.
  • Our Mision
    Our Mision
    Our mission is to revolutionize the warehousing and logistics industry by providing state-of-the-art hardware solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain performance.
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